Following detailed work with Sport England and the Active Partnerships national team, we have now launched the new Quest Active Communities model designed specifically for the Active Partnerships.

Quest Active Communities for Active Partnerships consists of a 2-day assessment, and teams can choose whether to go through Entry or Plus.



  • The assessment is conducted against the 5 Active Partnership Core Modules.
  • The bandings are Unsatisfactory or Registered.



  • The assessment is conducted against the 5 Active Partnership Core Modules and 3 choice modules.
  • The bandings are Unsatisfactory, Satisfactory, Good, Very Good or Excellent.



CSP Self-Assessment Tool

Please click on the links below to access a copy of the CSP Self-Assessment Tools:

The CSP Self-Assessment tool can also be accessed here through the CSPN Hub:



Module Index and Choices

Below is a table of our Quest Active Communities for Active Partnership Modules.

A copy of the full index can be found here: Quest Active Communities for CSP's Module Index - Issue 1

To access the Guidance Notes and Preparation Forms simply click on the issue number for the corresponding module.

Module Code Module Name Guidance Notes Self-Preparation Form
Active Partnership Core Modules  
AC - CSP 1 Collaborative Leadership One One
AC - CSP 2 Continuous Improvement and Learning One One
AC - CSP 3 Partnerships and Brokering One One
AC - CSP 4 Team and People Development One One
AC - CSP 5 Understanding Place and People One One


Module Code Module Name Guidance Notes Self-Preparation Form
Active Partnership Plus Modules (3 to be selected)  
Purpose 9 Active Community Outcomes (CSP) One One
GPLUS5 Contribution to Health & Wellbeing Three Three
GPLUS13 Engaging with Children 0 – 11 years Three Three
GPLUS22 Engaging with Older People Two Two
GPLUS23 Engaging with Young People 12 – 19 years Two Two
GPLUS25 Engaging with Volunteers Two Two
GPLUS26 Engaging with Women and Girls One One
GPLUS27 Engaging with Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Communities One One
GPLUS31 Getting the Inactive Active One One
GPLUS33 Engaging with Communities Two Two
GPLUS34 Promoting Mental Wellbeing One One
GPLUS37 Engaging with Disabled People and People with Long-Term Health Conditions One  One